Tuesday, December 16, 2014

OAC Tutorial, Part 1

Some friends of mine have been asking me how the OAC worked. I'm guessing there are more people with the same question. So I have decided to create an OAC insiders manual. Here we go:

Step One: Sign Up
The first thing to do is get a parent if you are younger than eighteen. If you have your parents'
  permission, click "I'm 18 or Older". Next it will take you to this page:
Follow the instructions on the page, and pick an avatar. Here are the character names from left to right:
Top Row: 
Whit, Connie, Eugene, Wooton, Eva Parker, Barrett Jones.
Bottom Row:
Marvin Washington, Olivia Parker, Jimmy Barclay, Tamika Washington, Matthew Parker, Emily Jones.

We now come to the payment page, seen below.
It's a little hard to make out on my picture, but its readable. And, yes. I entered "asdf"as my name on this fake account. Under promo code enter OAC to get you're first month for only five dollars. 

Now that you're account is active, you can listen to all Odyssey episodes, plus OAC exclusive episodes, and get Clubhouse Magazine among many other things! Yay!
In part two I'll show you more about the OAC's ends and outs!
-Trenton Landmark<><

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  1. Thanks for the info! Honestly, it seems pretty straightforward to me, but if people are having trouble with it, this post will probably be helpful.


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