Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Ultimate Blogging call

Dear faithful followers,
I regret to inform you that over the next few days I will be heavily preoccupied. Me grandmother is visiting, and my brother Jason's birthday is coming up. We will soon go on a short vacation during which I will have more time to write. As you know, the holiday season is often a very busy time, and for me, an exception is not. (Did that make sense?) My excuse for this week's scant writing is that my brothers and I received the complete Topps NFL card set, which meant I had to take some time off blogging for a day (I never even got on the computer Wednesday). All in all, I need a support team of fellow bloggers to work on the fansite. This is to big a task to do on my own. I am calling veteran bloggers to help me. Currently, there are three registered authors on the AIOFansite, but only Evelyn Weibel ever writes. Email me at if you are interested. 
Trenton Landmark, editor AIOFansite

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