Sunday, November 2, 2014

"Its over... for now"

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of the Novacom
 No this is not a departing article for the AIOFansite. Relax. Its an article about Novacom and Andromeda."Its over... for now" are the last words the chairman [of Andromeda] spoke before disappearing. Last night as I listened to that episode, I took particular notice of that line. Is Novacom coming back? The Novacom albums were some of the highest rated albums ever (according to AIOWiki).  One of the factors for Andromeda to return is the means. They still need Eugene's research, and that (from all given indications in album 44 Eugene Returns!) is locked up in Washington D.C. Does the chairman have a copy? And will Novacom return to Odyssey under a conspicuous name? And what about the other unanswered questions from past Odyssey adventures?  I did some research. There are on average 6.375 albums between epic albums (or albums that follow a serious plot, such as Darkness Before Dawn, or Danger Signals). There are on average 12.25 episodes per epic album, and 8 total epic albums. Before the relaunch there were six epic albums, and one every 8.333... albums. Afterward there were 2 and have been one every 4 albums. Given that information, album 62 or 64 should be epic albums. And in the history of AIO, there have been 4 epic sagas: The Blackgaard Saga, The Novacom Saga, The Green Ring Saga, and The Ties That Bind Saga (The Green Ring Saga, and The Ties That Bind Saga could fit into one category, as the Buck Oliver Saga). We're not sure if The Ties That Bind Saga is over yet and will have to wait until album 59 to see, but given what we know, all of these sagas are over... for know. Will there ever be another epic saga? Only time will tell.
-Trenton Landmark, editor of the AIOFansite

P.S. Did I do a run on sentence?

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