Friday, November 14, 2014

Album 59- summary released

Thanks to the AIO Update, and the AIO Blog, we now have the summary of Album 59: Taking the Plunge. 

WARNING: This summary contains spoilers from Album 58: The Ties That Bind. Do not read this summary unless you have listened to all fourteen episodes.
In the all-new album, Taking the Plunge, your favorite Adventures in Odyssey characters are faced with life decisions and hard lessons. Will Penny “take the plunge” and say yes to Wooton’s marriage proposal? Will Eugene solve a mystery about missing money? Will Buck make the right kind of new friends? Will Olivia discover how to create a perfect family? Take the plunge into adventure and learn valuable life lessons about commitment, conflict, expectations, and secrets in six audio dramas from the award-winning team celebrating 27 years of fun and entertainment for the entire family!

Awesome! This might be a record for the earliest that the summary of an AIO album has come out. I mean, they haven't even recorded the shows! I think I'm gonna retry "A Wild Try" now! See ya'!
-Trenton Landmark, editor AIOFansite 


  1. I Sent Them FIRST and got a LOT of info!
    Ok not so much, But how'd you get that!

  2. Perhaps further explanation of The Ties That Bind will be recollected upon. After all, there were few instances of poor explanations. Like Olivia's Room of a Consequence excursion, or the reason why Vance has ill will toward Buck.


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