Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Arthur Dent

Today, I decided to write an editorial on the epic character, Arthur Dent. Voiced by Christopher Snell, he appeared in eight episodes, before "disappearing" into the oblivion of short-term characters (hence, Monica Stone, Bennet Charles, Lester, Alex Jefferson, etc.).  Where we last left off with Dent, he was in prison for destroying Novacom Tower. But I am left wondering, did he deserve to do prison time? Granted he was crazy, and did blow up the tower and injure three people, but he meant to "save the world". Though his efforts did next to nothing (except send Cal Jordan to the hospital, and Tom Riley to court), he still tried. And if it weren't for him, would the gang in Odyssey ever have defeated Novacom? He gave the incriminating disc, that eventually destroyed Novacom, to the Allens. My question is, is Arthur Dent still in prison? For all we know, yes. That's 12 years (at least) of jail time for a seemingly innocent man. That's why I believe shortly after the Novacom Saga elapsed, he ended back up at Hillendale Haven, but I guess we will never really know. That's all for this time, log on again for more awesomeness at the AIOFansite!

-Trenton Landmark, official editor of the AIOFansite. <><
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