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The Imagination Station Books



This article is dedicated to the The Imagination Station Book Series .
Recently (courtesy of the AIO Update) AIO has released the cover of their upcoming Imagination Station books, Doomsday at Pompay. This will be book sixteen of this eighteen book series, that is to be compared with The Magic Treehouse.
The Imagination Station Book series were launched in 2010, almost exactly four years ago. They have averaged releasing around four book a year, and have had various authors including, Marianne Hering Paul McCuskerMarshal Younger, and Brock Eastman. The books have included:
  1. Voyage with the Vikings
  2. Attack at the Arena
  3. Peril in the Palace
  4. Revenge of the Red Knight
  5. Showdown with the Shepherd
  6. Problems in Plymouth
  7. Secret of the Prince's Tomb
  8. Battle for Cannibal Island
  9. Escape to the Hiding Place
  10. Challenge on the Hill of Fire 
  11. Hunt for the Devil's Dragon
  12. Danger on a Silent Night
  13. The Redcoats Are Coming!
  14. Captured on the High Seas
  15. Surprise at Yorktown
  16. Doomsday in Pompeii
It makes me wonder if they have ever met Jack and Annie! As an Odyssey fan, I was interested when I first came across these books, however, they are geared toward a younger audience, and I have no interest 
Book One
I must say though, it does extremely well for younger readers, and has even been used in public schools.  The plot line changes the Imagination Station to a time machine (much to my disgust) making the users able to retrieve items from their adventures, and bring them back to the real world. It does not line up with the actual series, leading me to think that it is an alternate dimension, and is not the real world of Odyssey. It does seem sometimes, that like the AIO movies, AIO products geared toward younger listeners do better than the regular products. Maybe this is the reason they cancelled the Adventures of John and Jack, and have not made any spin offs for older listeners (though I do not see why they wouldn't at least try it). But as we learned in How to Sink a Sub, petitions work. Email me at if you want to join me on the call for the older listeners spin off. Hey, it might work!
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  1. I Read magic tree house- it was terrible. these are MUCH better!


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