Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Audio Drama Update

Hey, just wanted to confirm the title of the upcoming audio drama: The Adventures of Titus Billings. Here is a description:
In a world one hundred thousand years in the future, an inter-galactic battle rages. It all starts with the mysterious destruction of a city named Oaklen, sending three kids out alone in the universe. Who is the last of the legendary Fire Wardens, and what is the Phlamepix? All questions are answered in this amazing audio drama based of redemption, forgiveness, and sharing the gospel!  


  1. Sounds fascinating. I can't help wondering: That preview you showed us of the script. Is "Garrett" THE Ceiling Fan/Blimey Cow music creator/ Scoop Cast/ ex-administrator of the Soda Shop Garrett?

  2. No, but his name kinda inspired the character!


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