Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Ties that Bind, and beyond!

The Ties that Bind
The Ties that Bind, is finished. And boy, it was an amazing album! Buck returns, Eugene and Katrina have a child, Wooton proposes to Penny, and Jules returns to Odyssey. Many people (including myself), now consider it their favorite album. As I think through the past month, I ponder the new memories, plot twists, and new friends. The only thing that makes me wonder is the former adversaries. There were no adversaries that have ever been in the series before, but maybe this is a hint of next album!  One of my favorite parts was when Jay Smous was cast as a zombie in Family Survivor. Album 59 will most likely be a follow up of 58, and I am expecting a Basset wedding, and the return of Mr. Skint. Maybe some Jimmy Barclay action. JK!
-Trenton Landmark


  1. WOO-HOO! i love AIO! I'm not an OAC member, But i can not wait for this album! I Was guessing off some of the summarys from AIOwiki, but so far the only guess i got right was Penny and Wooton! i've been waiting for them! I'm glad Jay Smouse is returning in B-TV:Truth, because i'll miss him. I Think i'll get this one when it comes out! I'm glad eugene and katrina adopted buck in part 4, (Did i mention even though i'm not an OAC member, i am a bit of a spoiler, all my friends say so, and insist i don't say a word about 59). I can't wait for mr. skint to come back! Oh, and i think a College-High School-Graduated girl is returning in 58. You mentioned "some Jimmy Barclay action". Could it be donna barclay? or Aubrey shepard? maybe tamika or the washington's adopted daughter. Oh, and what did you mean by JK? John Kennedy? No....

    1. I don't even know if I'll be able to list everything i love about the ties that bind! I read a story about shona kennedy coming back to AIO, and i loved it! i also have a ties that bind poster. (Courtesy of a young friend who subscribes to clubhouse). I'm also excited that there were 14 episodes instead of 12! i wonder if they will sell it for the same price as the 12-episode albums (That would be a deal). And i like the discussion guide. (Courtesy of Jamesobie). If you are interested, Copy/Paste This link into your browser:


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