Friday, August 22, 2014

Coming Soon, to a computer near you...

We here at The AIOFansite have a very special surprise.
The script.

We are releasing a audio drama featuring forgiveness, redemption, and loyalty. The above picture is an early draft of the script of the opening scene. Those who subscribe to our email updates have received an audio sample. Does anyone have any guesses of the title?


  1. The Adventures of Titus B..... those look like i's or l's

  2. and heres some of the words:
    (Laser Sound)
    (Heavy Explosion)
    Trenton: Garret!
    Garret: (screams)
    (Explosion Kills Garret)
    Trenton: Wait crushers, i should have known he would show...

  3. The Adventures of Titus B- your correct so far. I'll give you a hint of his last name. A character in a multiple part episode shares the same last name.

  4. Hey Trent, I was wondering how I was an admin on here.


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