Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Amanda Troop, and Dave Arnold
In recent Odyssey news, the last six OAC episodes of 2015 have been recorded. A TON of pics have been released on the AIO Facebook Page. Actors include, Michaela Dean, Whit Hertford, Amanda Troop, Brandon Gilberstadt, Zack Callison, Andre Stioka, Will Ryan, Katie Leigh, Sage Ryan, and others, plus some new faces, and characters. The episodes are, Follow Me, Walter's Flying Bus, B-TV Truth, Take It On Trust, and a two-part Kid's Radio fairy tale. The AIO Update has more info. I am very excited about the new B-TV episode and wonder who will play Bernard (if he is in the episode, that is).
-Trenton Landmark<><


  1. Bernard will probably not be in this, they got rid of him. :(

  2. They didn't get rid of him, Dave Madden, the actor who played him, died. :(

  3. Yeah, tom and bart were voiced by the same actor too, but they found a temporary actor for Bart and copyed tom's lines from The Nemesis when they did an episode after the actor died. could'nt they copy bernard's lines, or find a new actor?


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