Friday, July 4, 2014

The Ties That Update, AIOFansite summary!

The Ties That Bind, back cover
As tension builds in the Parker family, bad times start for Wooton Bassett as his house burns down, and he deals with a pushy comic publisher. And what happens when Vance King beats up Buck Oliver? Will Buck have the courage to admit he has been beat up, or will Jules Kendall have to do it for him? Is the suspicion aimed at Buck by Detective Polhuas for the recent vandalism at Whit's End deserved? What will Matthew and Emily do when they are given a bad grade by Miss Adelaide on a school assignment that goes against there beliefs? Will Harlow Doyle, Matthew, Emily, and Jay solve the mystery of the ghost of Hangman's Hollow? And what will Jay do when faced with fame and fortune? What connection does the skeleton key found at Connie's house have with the recent goings on around Odyssey. And who will Jason blame when Whit suddenly collapses at a town meeting. What is Wooton's secret comic? Why is Miss Adelaide so hateful toward Whit? What reasons does Vance King have for not joining in with the rest of the gang at Whit's End, and who is his secret associate? What is the town's reaction when Jay Smous suddenly leaves Odyssey?  This upcoming fourteen-part episode on family, adoption, gender, loss, acceptance, forgiveness, prayer, marriage, betrayal, and leadership will be a major AIO album!  
The Ties That Bind, front cover
This is Trenton Landmark, now sole writer of The AIOFansite, signing off. <><


  1. Is that an official summary, or did you make that up to fit with the back cover?

  2. This is not an official summary, but it is all true. Oh, and are you the Ashley Green who wrote The Big Mistake? If so I enjoyed it, and have linked to it on this blog!

    1. Yep I wrote it :D I totally forgot about that! Thanks for posting it here :)

  3. Whoa, i know that know it's august but how did you come up with that on july 4th? i mean, OAC probably had'ent heard much if any of 58! Do you have a secret link or a connection to focus on the family? Dont worry, i'll figure it out...Yes, hello, i'd like to speak to jason whittaker about a blogger much like the perilous pen! (hey the podcast had part 1 on june 25, right?) LOL :)


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