Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Ties that Bind, Part 2- Now available on the OAC!

The Ties that Bind, Part 2 is now available on the OAC! I'm guessing I was one of the first people to listen to it, because I loaded the page, and it was not on the site yet, but when I reloaded, about five minutes later, it was on the site. Was that a run on sentence?

I shouldn't give away to many things about the episode. We find that Vance King's mysterious associate is: Jules Kendall! They have some kind of shady dealing going on where they will make money. Here is my custom-made  summary:
    Mysterious things are going on in Odyssey. What is this ghost town at hangman's hollow, and why did a man by furnishings for it at J & J's Antiques? Why are Vance and Jules hanging around together, and why is Jay- dressed as a garden gnome? What have Eugene and Katrina decided about Buck Oliver, and where is the trunk that belonged to Connie's mom? What are Whit's thoughts on Let's Get Together, family, and fountain pens? This second part of The Ties that Bind is worth your pay of five Bucks (get it? Bucks!) to start your first day of OAC!
Trenton Landmark <><

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