Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I was playing around with HTML, and created this:

Our Mission

To be the top Adventures in Odyssey fan-created blog on the web.


We also have a vault of different AIO pics:


  • Be the top AIO fan-blog.
  • A fan-created podcast (named 'The Trent Show').


The Goals of The Trent Show:

  • Interview AIO personel, actors, etc.
  • Create a network of high-class AIO fans.


  1. First off, nice summary of your site, and I've never seen that pic of David.. with a monkey (or some animal kingdom member thereof) on his shoulder before. Though I'm not an OAC member, so.

    A quick complaint about the poll. I admit it makes sense not to include Emily, since she's not in the pilot, which is all those who are not OAC members have heard. (Perhaps those in OAC haven't had a dose of Emily yet either.) But she's pretty much guaranteed to show eventually. She's never missed a single album since the relaunch. Also, since we know there will be a plot line involving the Parkers, we can assume Camilla will appear as well. However, I admit we can't be POSITIVE in either case.

  2. I am an Emily hater on the Soda Shop, so why would I even give her the chance to get votes?

  3. Ooh. It seems that there could be a debate!

  4. I got in a debate with an adult about global warming once. I won that debate, mostly because I had charts on hand that proved it wasn't happening. Needless to say I got in trouble with my parents because of that.


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