Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hall of Commentors Day

An official AIOFansite day has been officially created. On the Eighteenth of every month, we will induct one major AIO commentor into the AIO Commentor Hall of Fame, or the ACHF. We started by inducting five people in earlier this month, and will continue this tradition every month. StormShadow, a previous inductee gave me the names of more possibilities, and after seeing them (and viewing their comments on have decided that they will be the next two inductees. Keep posted!
-Trenton Landmark<><  


  1. Ah, Yeah! That's awesome dude! :)
    They'res also BritishChick is ya want another. :)


  2. Hey, I dont know if this went through, the internet crashed.
    But this is awesome! Another inductee could be BritisChick, if ya wanted. :)



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