Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Ties that Bind, Part 1

*Attention! This article contains info on The Ties that Bind, Part 1!
Time me to see how long it takes me to write a run-on sentence. Yeah, The Ties that Bind, Part 1 was awesome. But one of the coolest parts was that Jules Kendall is back. Man, I wish I won Get In The Show! It seems that the winner of that contest will get tons of awesome benefits. Another cool thing was that Juan Reyes made an appearance talking to Eugene and Katrina about Buck Oliver. Yeah, Buck Oliver. I never liked that character. I don't trust him. You wonder why I don't trust him? Because, he is not to be trusted. Eugene and Katrina were looking into being his foster parents in this episode, which a kind of like, now that Buck  is a good guy, so yeah I like that, do you? Well, there's the run-on sentence! I'm not going to give to many things away, so you can listen at

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