Sunday, June 15, 2014

My take on AIO fan-created podcasts, Part 2:

Just to make it strait, by far, my favorite fan podcast is The Odyssey Scoopcast. Only, to bad for me, they haven't come out with a new one for a few months. They have a very creative approach, and great hosts (especially Kevin McCreary, who has appeared in several AIO episodes, and Josh Taylor, of the famed Blimey Cow).  More info. I decided to end this editorial on AIO fan-created podcasts. I realize that in my zeal to promote my views, I may have hurt the Whit's End Podcast's reputation, and been unchristian. With that I will end this editorial, and no longer openly mock other Christians' sites. (Though an upcoming article will deal with rants on the OAC). So sorry Bren, Matthew and Ryan!  
The Odyssey Scoopcast
Oh! And by the way, we now have 208 page views! Thank you for all the support!

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  1. Ah, yeah! ScoopCast rocks!
    It's my fav too, Unless TCF counts. =)



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