Monday, June 23, 2014

It may say...

It may say at the bottom of all of my posts that Trent wrote them, but he didn't, only articles tagged 'Trenton Landmark' are written by Trent. And if you want to no why all my bad writing is blamed on Trent, its a long story...


  1. I'm still confused as to why this whole incident happened. True, Trent's wording was a bit harsh about TWEP, but what he said about it is what many people feel about it. I'm not even sure what the point of the podcast is. They do ramble on and on and stuff happens (like one time he sang a southern gospel song) that makes you think "What!?" I'm not saying they should stop, they are free to continue what they do. I'm saying that it's not un-Christian to point out the obvious flaws in a podcast, but using phrases like "quite possibly the worst" and "the terrible truth" are a bit offensive. In that case, it would be a simple task of editing the post, not moving your friend to a different position on the blog.

    Also, this website needs a bit more planning before something is announced. You have announced The Trent Show Podcast and the Barrett Jones Blog, and one has not come to be and the other was just cancelled right after it was started. Make sure that you have the time and commitment to do ideas you have before you announce them. But you aren't doing everything wrong. You have provided us info about Album 58 before anyone else. Keep working at it and you should have a great blog.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! You have some great views, and were the first person to ever comment on this blog. I was very harsh with TWEP, and i deserved the demotion. However, I do enjoy my new job as director of the emails.
      The cancelling of The Trent Show has been reconsidered, so you may end up hearing it in the future.
      yours truly,
      Trenton Landmark


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